The Dinner Plate of Stamford, NY 12167

Specials for 9/22 to 9/24:

~ All Dinner's are made to order.Not Frozen or Made in advance ~
so Cooking time can Be up to 20-30 minutes Depending on what you Order...So Sit down and Relax. maybe order an appetizer or the soup of the Day...Today's specials are the Following... Enjoy Your Dinner

~ Broiled FlounderFilet ~ $30.00
In a White Wine Garlic Butter sauce Served over Rice ..and Veggie of the Day

~ Chicken Cacciatore ~ $30.00
Served Over Fettuccine w/ Garlic Knots

~ Surf and Turf ~ $39.00
New York Strip with a Sweet Bourbon Glaze and Grilled Shrimp Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the veggie of the Day

~ The Best Burger In Town.. 1/2 Pound Burger ~ $18.00
a 1/2 pound Burger Grilled to your liking .Comes with House made French fries or Sweet Potato Fries ...Lettuce, Tomato and Onion at your Request.... Add Cheese for $2.00 add Bacon for $3.00 ........Note...We do not use Frozen Beef we only use Prime Beef..This Not a Special..But it's worth Mentioning

~ What to call this Pizza ... ~
A large pie.... with Hamburger,Cheese,Lettuce tomato.onion pickles...and a special sauce....We Need a Name For This one...!