The Dinner Plate of Stamford, NY 12167

Takeout Menu for Feb 6 to Mar 31:

~ **** Sit down Dinners **** ~
..Reservations are Recommended ..This is Just a soft opening for the Kitchen..Finally we have heard back from the State Liquor.They are working on our paperwork .... so No Alcohol will be served...We Have Been asked Can you bring your own Bottle....No !!! it is Illegal so please don't ask...We have a license but it is not approved for the New Location...

~ The Liquor License is moving along ~
**************************************************The New York State Liquor authority is moving finally on the Liquor license paperwork. As of 2/26/24 Everything looks Good..I will keep everyone Updated .

~ Quick draw and Lottery Terminal Is In The works. ~
our New License has Been applied For.. We are waiting on NYS..
The Dinner Plate of Stamford
36 Main Street, Stamford, NY

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Thursday ~ 3pm-9pm
Friday ~ 3pm-9pm
Saturday ~ 3pm-9pm
Sunday ~ 3-7pm
Mon-Wed ~ Closed
Reservations Suggested

Now serving pizza, Thursday through Sunday

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